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The Ultimate Jungle Scout Review

20 Mar 16
What Exactly Is Jungle Scout?
Jungle Scout Pricing
Jungle Scout Web App Features
Jungle Scout Extension Features
Which Is Better, Jungle Scout Web App or Extension?
The Decision Is Yours!

jungle scout review

Figuring out how to sell products online by yourself can become a hassle over time, and eventually may become too tiresome for you to continue. If you find yourself in this situation, look no further for help than at Jungle Scout, one of the best all-in-one platforms for resources and tools that will help you professionally sell products on Amazon. For years, they have helped to enhance the presence and sales of various online merchants in the Amazon marketplace.

The Amazon marketplace is a wonderful place to be as an online merchant; there is tons of traffic flowing in to the website every day, with millions upon millions of sales being made every week. Amazon is a global sales company, and having the ability to sell products through them should not be taken for granted. With help from Jungle Scout, you can be well on your way to becoming a successful online merchant.

They have been respected in the industry for quite some time now, sustaining a reputation of helping Amazon merchants become as successful as they can be. Their comprehensive tools and resources rely on accurate data information in which they carry out research every day to stay on top of. They work tirelessly to help bring Amazon merchants the ingredients necessary to create a booming Amazon product sales business.

What Exactly Is Jungle Scout?

Back in 2015, Jungle Scout had been created with one intention in mind: help to give entrepreneurs the tools and resources they need to grow a successful Amazon product sales business. At first, it began as a way to help merchants find products to sell, but now, they offer vast tools and resources on their platform that can assist you in multiple areas of your business.

Jungle Scout has a reputation of relying on their researched data that leads them to creating the helpful tools they have in the past. With carefully considered and accurate data information, they have consistently been able to provide merchants with accurate information as to what opportunities to tap into, what products to avoid, what products are about to surge in sales, etc.

Teaching is a huge part of the Jungle Scout philosophy. They are aware of the mistakes they have made in the past as Amazon merchants, and now they work tirelessly to help you avoid those same mistakes and stay on track better. They offer many tools and resources, some paid and some free, that can help you organize your business criteria, keep track of sales, explore opportunities, and so much more.

Jungle Scout Keyword Scout

Jungle Scout Pricing

When signing up for Jungle Scout and it’s more involved tools and resources, you’ll have to pay by a monthly subscription. There are three different options to choose from when signing up. You have the choice between Jungle Scout, the Chrome Extension, or Jungle Scout + Extension.

The extension offered by Jungle Scout works slightly differently than the regular search web-based software Jungle Scout, but both have the same end-goals in mind. The differences between the two will be discussed in later sections.

Pricing for each level of subscription varies slightly, and it will be up to you whether you see having just one service over another is worth it. With just the Extension, you’ll have less freedom and resources compared to having the full Jungle Scout or Jungle Scout + Extension subscription. The pricing goes as follows;

  • Jungle Scout - $39 per Month / $468 Annually
  • Jungle Scout + Extension - $49 per Month / $588 Annually
  • Extension - $19 per Month / $228 Annually

Much more tools and resources are offered through Jungle Scout subscription, as opposed to just signing up for the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension services.

Jungle Scout Sales Analytics

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Jungle Scout Web App Features

Using Jungle Scout’s web app on a laptop or desktop will give you full access to comprehensive data display from their tools and resources. With this web-based software, you’ll be able to filter specific data, helping you to find product listings that will meet the criteria you need. In conjunction, these tools and resources work to bring you awareness to which products have the potential to be the most profitable, and ones that will easily sell to help grow the success of your Amazon business.

All of the tools that are offered through the Extension are available through the web-based software, but this doesn’t work the other way around. The web-based software gives merchants the most access to all of their services.

Opportunity Finder

One of their best tools offered is their Opportunity Finder. With this comprehensive tool, you’ll be able to gain insight on up-and-coming opportunities, and be given information on niches that you can try and hone in on! This is a unique tool, not offered by many platforms, and can be a key that helps you find the right products to sell, and which niches to invest in.

With their Opportunity Finder, they will analyze keywords that are trending, with high demand and low competition, so that you can explore these keyword products and dive into a niche that doesn’t have many sellers in the first place. You are able to view niche sales and price movements over time, giving you a good idea as to what to expect in this niche.

Having this tool is beneficial as a newcomer, or as a seasoned veteran. The ability to track niche opportunities and movements is an excellent advantage to have, and one that can save you time and money in the long run.

SEO Listing Service Package

Offered by JungleScout is a superb package, called the Premium Amazon SEO Listing Optimization Service. With this package and service, you will submit the product you wish to put up for sale to JungleScout, and in return they will provide you with a new product listing that they consider fully optimized. With this package, you will be provided with;

  • An SEO Title - You will be provided with a title for your product that is the most attractive and easy for customers to view
  • 5 Bullet Points - In an easy to read fashion, customers can quickly analyze your brands message and your products description, optimizing the highest ranking keywords possible to include within the bullet points
  • HTML Description - Customers may have questions about your products, and you have the answers to them. The HTML product description is where you get to fully explain your brand and products, and this will be fully optimized by JungleScout with this service
  • Backend Search Terms - In order to rank properly, it’s important that ranking keywords and relevant individual words are also included in modules in the back end of your product page. This helps to keep you and your products ranked more efficiently.
  • Keyword Optimization Analysis - Using keywords that have high volume and rank high often are great to include in your product pages. JungleScout consistently researches the highest ranking keywords, and provides the one to you that relate to the product you are selling. With Jungle Scouts Keyword Scout, you product pages are likely to experience more traffic
  • Free Best Seller Guide - At a $25 value, you will be given this best seller guide for free, upon your purchase of the JungleScout Amazon SEO Optimization package.

This service can provide merchants with an excellent product listing that will draw lots of attention, and will be easy for customers to read and analyze quickly. With this provided product listing, you are guaranteed close proximity to the most efficient your product listing can be.

FBA Calculator

Selling through Amazon’s FBA service, you’ll run into fees and charges from Amazon that relate to your product sales, storage, size, and shipping. Selling through FBA has multiple benefits, but it is important that you are staying on top of the money you are spending by selling products this way.

JungleScouts FBA fees calculator is one that includes as much information as possible relating to your expenses, whether upfront or variable. They take in considerations such as Amazon’s referral fees, the cost of weight handling, monthly storage and prep fees, warehouse labor costs, and other expenses.

Offered as a browser extension, in addition to the web-based calculator software, the FBA calculator offered by JungleScout can be accessed quite easily. Popping up right on top of your browser, you are able to quickly identify and get an idea of how much selling a certain item through FBA may cost you.

Sales Estimator

Having a way to check the average sales of a product can help you in deciding what products are worth investing in. With Jungle Scouts sales estimator, you’ll just need to provide a few inputs, and the rest will be taken care of.

Using their sales estimator is very easy. All you have to provide is;

  • The BSR (Best Sellers Rank #) - This is the number that Amazon applies to a product that puts it in a numerical ranking system, ranking the product based on current and historical sales.
  • Amazon Marketplace Country - In various countries, Amazon has their own structure of doing things in certain ways. When providing which country, select the country you are currently in, and will sell your products in.
  • Amazon Product Category - Each product you sell will fall into a certain category, whether it be Jewelry, Home Goods, etc. Select the correct category for your product.

The information you will provide above into the JungleScout estimator will be the essentially same information you will need to receive estimates from other sales estimators. JungleScout will provide you with information pertaining to the products estimated sales, as well as the number of competitors you face selling this product.

Sales Analytics

The Jungle Scout Sales Analytics tool can essentially be seen as your personal financial command center. With this tool, you’ll more than easily be able to stay on top of and keep track of your sales data, which includes your costs, revenue, profits, and more! Being able to track important business metrics has never been made easier than with Jungle Scouts Sales Analytics.

The Sales Analytics tools includes tons of features that will help you to clear up any confusion regarding Amazon financial metrics, such as sales, expenses, costs, etc. You can also manage your Amazon advertising costs (Amazon PPC) with it. With Sales Analytics, you’ll be able to;

  • Break Down Business Costs - You will now be able to see direct and indirect expenses that affect your business. These expenses include shipping and inventory costs, taxes, legal fees and more.
  • Stay On Top Of Your Margins - Knowing your exact net profit is easily determined by the margin widget, which will show how much you’re earning, and the net profit percentage of the total price.
  • View Specific Sales Data - Using the ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) of a product, you can get a look at specific product sales and revenue details, shipping costs, etc.
  • Know Your Sales - As your products sell, you’ll have a real-time view into how they are doing, and how much of each product is selling.
  • This paid tool will prove to be very useful in staying on top of your sales, and managing all of the financial aspects that come along with it. With it, you’re even able to track the shipment of your products!

Jungle Scout Extension Features

With the Google Chrome Extension subscription offered by Jungle Scout, you’ll have access to some of their comprehensive tools and resources, but you will not have access to all of them, like you would if you subscribed to the Jungle Scout or Jungle Scout + Extension subscriptions. The Google Chrome Extension is accessed on an Amazon search results page, where you’re able to pull data from the products that appear on the page.

Jungle Scout Product Database

Figuring out what products to sell as a new Amazon merchant can be one of the biggest obstacles you’ll face. With Jungle Scouts Product Database, this research will be made much easier for you to perform. With pre-set filters you can enable, you’ll gain access to product data display within seconds that can help you to form ideas and profitable business plan. You are able to filter by category, sales rank, revenue, estimated sales, and much more to help you find the most profitable products!

With the Extension subscription, you will be able to carry out 10 product researches per month, as opposed to having unlimited access with the main Jungle Scout subscription.

Jungle Scout Product Tracker

Being able to exploit product opportunities is made much easier with the help from Jungle Scouts Product Tracker. Over time, you can track product ideas by being able to monitor aspects such as daily sales, inventory, best seller ranks, and more! In combination, these aspects can provide you with a clear picture as to how well a product may perform for you if you were to sell it yourself on the market.

With the Extension subscription, you’ll be able to track up to 3 products per month, as opposed to being able to track as many products as you want with the main Jungle Scout subscription.

Jungle Scout Extension Lite

AccuSales Estimate

Overall, Jungle Scouts AccuSales Estimator is an Amazon sales estimation algorithm created by them. The data it provides powers many of the other tools that are available through a Jungle Scout subscription. With it, you’ll be able to track real-time sales, stay on top of metrics, organize your business and financial aspects, and more. The AccuSales Estimator is there so you can organize and compare differing product ideas.

Which Is Better, Jungle Scout Web App or Extension?

Determining what level and type of Amazon merchant you aspire to be will help you in making a decision as to what level of Jungle Scout subscription is worth it for you. If you desire to make a good amount of money off of the business, and want to make it a serious gig, it would be recommended to gain access to all of the tools and resources they offer through either the Jungle Scout or Jungle Scout + Extension subscription level. Having access to all of their services will help you to quickly form a sales plan, and get the ball rolling as soon as possible.

This is not to say the Extension subscription is not worth it: the Extension subscription gives you access to some of their most important tools, but you will just be limited in the amount of times you can use them per month. For the full experience, signing up for the Web App would be more worth it, but for the more modest merchant, perhaps the Extension subscription could suffice just fine.

The Decision Is Yours!

Now that you’re aware of Jungle Scout and the services they offer, you should be well on your way to determining if the tools and resources from them are worth it or not. As one of the most respected companies in the business, they can provide you with an all-in-one platform that will set you on the path to becoming a successful Amazon merchant as soon as possible!


Is Jungle Scout Free?

Some of Jungle Scouts tools and resources are free, and others are paid for through the monthly subscription. Some free tools and resources that Jungle Scout offers to Amazon merchants is their Amazon Sales Estimator, their Amazon FBA Calculator, their How To Sell On FBA For Beginners Guide, and others.

Aside from their limited free tools and resources, the rest will be available through a subscription. The Extension subscription will offer tools such as product trackers, product database, keyword scout, and a few others. The main Jungle Scout subscription will give you access to all of their tools and resources, including the Opportunity Finder, the Academy, Sales Analytics, Inventory Manager, Listing Builder, and more.

Does Jungle Scout Have An App?

The Jungle Scout tools and resources are available through a web-based app, as well as a mobile phone app. The mobile app has it’s restrictions, as there is a lot of data being displayed to you often, and it may become hard to take into account all of it on a phone screen. Even though there is a mobile app for Jungle Scout, its tools and resources would best be viewed on a laptop or desktop screen, as opposed to a mobile device screen (iPhone, iPad, tablet).

Currently, the Extension subscription does not offer a mobile device app, because Google Chrome extensions are not currently available on mobile devices. There are no restrictions to the Jungle Scout app, but it would be recommended to view the data displayed on a laptop or desktop.

Can I Cancel Jungle Scout?

If you find yourself not in need of the tools and resources offered by Jungle Scout anymore, you can cancel your subscription at any time by heading to the Subscription Information section, and click the cancel button. When attempting to cancel, you’ll have the option of Pausing your account, where you’ll be able to keep all of your data. This is convenient when you may have to take a break, or can’t sell products for a period of time.

If you paid for your Jungle Scout subscription through an annual payment, you will have to give their Customer Support team a call to make any changes to your subscription.

How Do I Contact Support?

If you need to get a hold of a Jungle Scout for any reason, you can reach out to their Customer Support team by either sending them an email to . Or, you can fill out a ticket through their contact form, and leave your information and a description of the problem. A lot of questions you may have are likely answered within an article contained in their Help Center. They are constantly adding new information to help out merchants as much as possible.

With the Extension, head to the Menu in the top left corner, and click on Help, then click on Contact Support. Their team is around 24/7 to answer any questions you may have!

Does Jungle Scout Have A Free Trial?

With Jungle Scout, there is no free trial, but they do offer a 14-day money back guarantee. They will issue you a refund if you find yourself unhappy with their services within the 14-day period. To issue a refund, email the customer support team at .